The careful design combined with top-quality materials for maximum accuracy and resolution to bring out decisive sound details.
Sopralluogo, progettazione ed installazione impianto audio - MR speakersMR speakers
illuminazione artistica led - MD SpeakersMD Speakers
Progettazione impianti audio - Customised speakersCustomised speakers

Digital sound and video systems

The technicians' experience and competence allow the design of customised solutions based on the type of environment to be treated with specific systems to be proposed. Remote management with a single digitally controlled speaker makes it possible to intervene and optimise amplification at any time.
Illuminazione artistica intervento tecnico - VideomaticVideomatic
illuminazione artistica a led - Repromatic NETRepromatic NET

Web application

The web application provides visitors with a simple and useful aid for visiting churches, palaces and historical monuments by using a series of contents conveyed by the application.
valorizzazione patrimonio storico, artistico - Web applicationWeb application

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