Repromatic NET


Since the 1960s Melloncelli has been making specific instruments for sound reproduction for all religious buildings, which cannot have bells for various reasons.

REPROMATIC NET is an exceptionally advanced system that can be remotely controlled by phone, PC or tablet, progressively improved over the years by experience in the field, which allows the sound of bells to be faithfully reproduced.

More than 350 melodies have been recorded live in the most important religious complexes throughout Italy.

Sophisticated recording systems make it possible to have a sound that is practically indistinguishable from real bells.

The recordings take place at times of particular quiet, in particular weather conditions.

For example, recording with snow, which muffles background noise, is one of the best times to capture sound.
The broadcasting is done using special mushroom-shaped loudspeakers especially designed to enhance the characteristics of such unique and important music.
The sound of the bells has always marked the time in the lives of the faithful, guiding them at the moment of prayer, and the Melloncelli company, aware of their importance, has invested years of experience and the most advanced technology to keep this age-old tradition alive.

The transmission of multimedia content over the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in recent years.
Melloncelli Streaming Video offers the possibility of installing a complete broadcasting system from the basic configuration to the professional director, integrating everything necessary to create an entire streaming system visible on TV, telephone, Tablet or PC.
The Melloncelli Streaming Video systems integrate a powerful video mixer, a real-time encoding system on the Internet and a system for local storage of the already edited video.

It is also possible to take the VGA/HDMI or SDI output from the Streaming system and project it locally or show it on LED screens.