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Preserving cultural heritage is necessary for humankind, for all of us, so that we can remember that we are at the same time unique and always the same.
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The humidity level in the air is a fundamental factor for human well-being and the healthiness of the environments in which we live (home, office, museums, churches…)
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The installation of a dehumidification system should be accompanied by a campaign of investigations assessing the level of humidity in the masonry before and after installation. Except for special situations, the practice is to carry out analyses at the time of installation, after 12 and after 24 months. If the drying process takes longer, a further survey will be carried out 36 months after installation. The investigation method will be agreed upon with the customer based on the type of building and any design requirements. On request, the analyses can be carried out with a company chosen by the client.
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