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The assignment for the refurbishment of the lighting system of the Cathedral of Asiago was entrusted to Melloncelli, a leading company in the sector of artistic lighting and places of worship that boasts countless interventions in Italy and abroad. The awarding of the work is the result of a scrupulous evaluation by a technical committee of several proposals made by various companies. One of Melloncelli’s added values, in addition to decades of experience in the work carried out, was the fact that it was a manufacturer of its own lighting fixtures and this allowed it to respond in the best possible way to the different needs of the customer.

The existing lighting system dates back to the year 2000. The plant part did not require radical intervention, but the lighting bodies were now obsolete and about 40% no longer functional. The existing lighting presented serious deficiencies, both from a religious and artistic point of view and from the current legislation on the lighting of public places.

The replacement of the lighting bodies with new LED technology projectors was carried out in compliance with the original project approved by the superintendency. While maintaining the same positions and thus not having to make changes to the electrical system, thanks to a careful choice of lighting bodies with a CRI ≥ 97, an important improvement was obtained from the lighting point of view:

  • greater lighting;
  • greater emphasis on liturgical fires;
  • a more uniform light and the elimination of shadows and annoying reflections;
  • more appropriate lighting for the works of art present.

The Cathedral of Asiago required the use of the entire range of our products: from the new 50W Melloncelli SpotMAXI to the smaller Melloncelli Mini Spot with variable power from 10 to 20W.

In the nave and transept, the Melloncelli SpotLED PLUS dedicated to direct lighting were housed in niches created in the cornice and a particular ring nut, made specifically for the Cathedral of Asiago, allows it to be tilted and rotated.

A notable improvement has been obtained in the side aisles where the voluminous existing lamps have been replaced with our Melloncelli Led Bar shaped according to the profile of the capitals.

The same Led Bar was used to replace the neon lights to illuminate the side chapels.

To give the right emphasis to the Da Ponte il Vecchio altarpiece depicting the Madonna and Child, our 80W Melloncelli Profile shaper was used, thus eliminating the shadows on the apsidal fresco depicting the Christ Pantocrator.

Once the work was completed, also on this occasion the greatest reward was customer satisfaction, which has always been one of the fundamental objectives for Melloncelli.

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